Redoubt on Inland Waterway-1776-Revolutionary War

In June 1776, General Charles Lee strategically positioned troops and guns around the Charles Town region. Brigadier General John Armstrong commanded all American troops in Christ Church Parish. He spread 1,500 men, including troops from Virginia, North Carolina, the 5th & 6th South Carolina Infantry, and the militia artillery, from the Haddrell’s Point Fascine Battery along the shoreline facing Sullivan’s Island for the defense of the mainland.

There were several small redoubts constructed along the shoreline of the mainland including this square redoubt at a boat landing along the inland waterway. Lt. Colonel Thomas Sumter and the 6th South Carolina Regiment with the militia artillery were stationed here as reinforcements during the June 1776 attack on Fort Sullivan.

The earthen redoubt, just more than two miles northeast of Haddrell’s Point, was armed with two 12-pounders, capable of defending the Sullivan’s Island Narrows Creek. The redoubt did not see any action during the June 28 Attack on Fort Sullivan and it was later abandoned by the American army. The same site was later used as Kinloch’s Landing Battery during the Civil War.